Monday, 16 November 2015

Final Submission

My final modification of the precedent "Villa Savoye" takes a simplistic alteration upon the site. The pavilion 'Emergence' has been altered to accommodate the emerging building from within itself, as well as, for the shower & locker rooms which draw inspiration from the 'Villa Savoye' itself. It is the sense that both structures emerge from within the site, being held and supported by columns, whilst still leaving public space surrounding the private building.


Villa Savoye

Villa Savoye

Modified Versions

Modification 1

Modification 2

Modification 3

Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Pavilion


This pavilion showcases an exoskeleton façade which wraps around the inside of the structure too. The space created between the façade may be used for storage of items, thus no real waste of space. The density of the façade is representative of the mass increase of people arriving in Woolloomooloo.

Variation 2

Variation 3


This design utilises a unique facade that acts as the main structure. Glass panels allow lighting through with a secluded building for showering to maintain privacy. This variation was chosen as the wide hexagonal façade represents how over the years, more an more people arrived in Australia and settled in Woolloomooloo. 

Variation 2

Variation 3

Terminal Line

This unique looking pavilion utilises the terminal line, the various paths, curves and intersecting surfaces are representative of how people from various countries have arrived in Australia, decided to settle in  Woolloomooloo and intermingle with one another.

Variation 2

Variation 3


Monday, 7 September 2015

Grasshopper Advanced Certificate

Extending Grasshopper

The exam has been passed however, IDDA takes a day to process the certificate, hence this screenshot to prove the exam has been passed.

Monday, 24 August 2015

WK 1 - Phase 2

Five things about Unreal Enine 4's blueprint system that stood out were:

1. The option of creating a level-based and class blueprint, unlike Grasshopper which only has one area to work on.

2. The logic behind BP and Grasshopper is virtually the same, both use components that link together to give an end result.

3. Grasshopper tends to be more beginner friendly, as all the components are broken into tabs which then have drop down menus, making it easy to see every available component. Whilst BP has a search bar, it is still harder to know what is available to you.

4. Reusing a script with class blueprints is by far, much easier than reusing a Grasshopper script. Clicking and dragging the BP into UE4 is also faster than opening another Rhino file than re-referencing the geometry in Grasshopper.

5. Being able to visually see the script in action with BP is interesting as you can visually see an error whereas you cannot in Grasshopper.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Link to 90 second particle video:

Dropbox for Unreal content: